12% of Canadian Teenagers Play Casino Games Online

Teenagers Gambling Online

There are of course some very strict laws and regulations in place in Canada regarding gambling, however, it has always been the case that online gambling is highly unregulated, so it wasn’t too surprising to discover a report highlighting the fact a very large number of teenagers play casino games online.

In fact, the report by those researchers found that one in eight, or around 12%, of high school students do tend to play gambling styled games online regularly, however not in a real money playing environment but in a social and free play type of way.

That does pose the question are those teenagers going to be much more prone to gambling addiction problems in the future, or will as part of them playing such games for free give them an insight into just how high risk gambling in general is as a pastime.

No one can really answer that question, but what many people and much more so religious and problem related charities have been saying for a long time now, is that there should be some sort of ban on children under the legal age to gamble in places such as Canada, the USA and beyond having access to such games.

However, that is just a pipedream if we are honest, for as long as there are games available online to play for free then it is highly likely that tech savvy teenagers especially, are going to work out how to play them, even if they do have age restrictions associated with such games.

As for educating children on the dangers of gambling, well that is either something they should be taught by their parents or even as part of their classes, with mathematics being a core subject where probability could be discussed regarding gambling in general.

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