$43m High Roller Debt Chased by the Broadbeach Casino

Businessman running scare being chased by a big hand

When Dr Yew Choy Wong accepted an invitation from the Broadbeach Casino to stay at their casino resort, the men in charge of its parent company, that being the Star Entertainment Group must have had a smile on their face.

For Wong is a renowned very high stakes gambler, and as such for any casino to have him stay at their property and gamble their is something of an honour, but much more importantly it could turn out to be a very profitable visit for the casino owners, as high rollers can lose a fortune when things are not going their way.

Well, it was in July of last year that Wong chose to pay the casino a visit, and as is customary he left a blank cheque with the cashiers upon his arrival, that would be used to pay off his gambling bill if he did run up a huge tab.

Whilst Wong wouldn’t have had to pay for anything when visiting the casino apart from his gambling, the blank cheque did end up having to be used by the casino, for due to what could only be called an unbelievable run of bad luck when playing his favourite game, that being Baccarat, Wong ran up a tad over $43 million of losses whilst playing.

However, when the bank then presented his cheque to their bank it was discovered that he has put a stop on it, however some report the cheque bounced

But Wong insists that he put a stop on the cheque since whilst he was playing Baccarat the dealer made several mistakes whilst dealing out the cards.

That is something that the casino does not dispute, however, they state that whilst some mistakes were made, they did not have any negative effects financially on him. Wong has stated he is quite happy to take the matter to court, which the casino is also prepared to do, so we will let you know the outcome of that case in due course.

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