$686,000 Blackjack Jackpot Won at the Live! Casino Hanover

The Player with superior point to win in blackjack game

It wasn’t long ago that the Live! Casino in Hanover, Maryland launched a couple of brand new progressive jackpot table games on their gaming floor, and it didn’t take one of their players very long at all to win a huge life changing jackpot playing one of those games.

It was their Stax Super 4 Progressive Blackjack that Wendell Holmes, a player who lives in Bower liked the look of and sat down to play, and he was savvy enough to place the $5 side bet, which gives players the chance of winning one of several different progressive jackpots.

Well his luck was certainly in, for he managed to be dealt out the magical hand that triggered the top jackpot payout worth a life changing $686,000, which all things considered is a very healthy profit on his $5 side bet.

The other game that Live! Casino has launched that offers a huge progressive jackpot is the Royal 9 Progressive Baccarat game, and as such it is fair to say that players who enjoy table games and feel it’s their lucky day will have the choice of playing either games, both of which could award their jackpots at any time.

It does have to be said that it is unusual for a Blackjack game to offer several different progressive jackpots to players, for the majority of similar games have just one single jackpot attached to them and on offer, so that game may just be worth tacking down and playing if you are ever in Maryland.

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