Are More Casinos and also Sportsbooks Coming to Arkansas?

Arkansas New Casinos

The race to get even more sportsbooks, and in some instances even more land based casinos in many individual US States is gearing up. This time it is the turn of Arkansas to press their politicians and state regulators to adopt a much more liberal outlook to gambling in general.

Since the Supreme Court ruling back in May of this year, any land based casinos that want to open up a sports betting facility, namely a sportsbook within their venues, will be allowed to do just that as long as their gambling authority or gambling commission approves them to do so, and has in place a regulatory system to allow them to do so of course.

With that in mind the owners of Southland Park Gaming and Racing have set aside $50,000 as part of a campaign to allow for more casinos in the state of Arkansas, whilst also allowing for sportsbooks to operate there legally, too.

If that is something that is brought into law, with the additional 5% drop in gambling taxes that is being sought, more casinos and sportsbooks would be allowed to open and operate in Arkansas, whilst at the same time the decrease in tax would that has been suggested would actually see the income generated by taxes rise via those newly opened casinos and sportsbooks.

Whether this new amendment will succeed remains to be seen, however it would be a surprise if it wasn’t adopted and put into place, based on the fact a growing number of other US states have now given the green light to both land based and online betting sites being allowed to operate within their state boundaries recently.

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