12% of Canadian Teenagers Play Casino Games Online

There are of course some very strict laws and regulations in place in Canada regarding gambling, however, it has always been the case that online gambling is highly unregulated, so it wasn’t too surprising to discover a report highlighting the fact a very large number of teenagers play casino games online. In fact, the report by those researchers found that…

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Only US Casino Operators Battling for the Elliniko Casino License

Originally, when it was announced that the land that houses the now closed Athens Elliniko Airport was to be transformed into a casino resort, there was a huge amount of interest from casino owners and operators in many different parts of the world to get the license to operate that casino. However, as the weeks and months have ticked by,…

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Smokers Welcome Once Again at the Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack

There has long been debate as to whether the general public at large are being nannied by the state, and when it comes to things such as smoking, many governments and regional authorities have put into place all manner of weird and wonderful laws, to ensure smoking is deemed to be illegal in most public places and spaces. This has…

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New MGM Springfield Casino Exceeding Predicted Expectations

The brand new MGM Springfield Casino resort in Massachusetts is proving to be much more popular than was predicted, and one full month after they opened the doors of this latest addition to their land based casino operation, visitor numbers are well ahead of all initial predictions. It was hoped that on average the casino would pull in-between fifteen thousand…

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