Baccarat Dealer Pleads Guilty to Cheating

Mgm National Hrabour

A land based casino in Maryland has been cheated out of over $1million due to a dealer and a team of players being in on a Baccarat scam. Whilst the casino in question wasn’t named in court it has been confirmed that the dealer is question works for the National Harbour Casino which is owned by MGM.

As with all scams of this nature it is the ease at which those in on the scam were able to get away with it for so long, and it appears the deck of cards was left un-shuffled by the dealer and a photograph was taken by one of the team of cheating players, who was then able to accurately “predict” the way the cards would then be dealt out.

The dealer in question was one Ming Zhang who is from Alexandria in Maryland, and having pleaded guilty in court yesterday to cheating it looks like he will be facing up to a maximum of five years in prison for his part in that scam.

The scam itself took place back in September, and it has also been discovered that at least one other casino in the Maryland area was also targeted, and Zhang was admitted he was paid a part of the ill-gotten gains for helping the team of players get away with the scam.

As it stands though the only person being charged for this offense is the Zhang the Dealer as no other people have been charged with cheating.

Whilst incidents such as this one are extremely rare, it does go to prove that land based casinos do always need to be on their guard, as there is no telling when one of their Dealers could switch over to the dark side!

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