BCLC Implement New Rules after the Grand Ville Casino Scandal

Guidelines Concept with Word on Folder.

We recently reported on the Grand Ville Casino incident, in which a dumpster full of un-shredded playing cards were discovered in the compound of the company tasked with legally disposing of their cards, that being a company called Shred Wise.

For those of you that missed that news story, the company sent out a waste disposal vehicle to the Grand Ville Casino and their employees, as was required by law then set about loading the taken out of play playing cards into the machine under the watchful eyes of the casinos security team.

Due to what Shred Wise called a malfunction with the shredding device fitted to the vehicle, the playing cards were not actually shredded, an incident that wasn’t noticed by the casinos security team.

A whistleblower then discovered the playing cards were simply loaded into a dumpster at the waste company’s headquarters and that led to an urgent investigation by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

That investigation has now led the British Columbia Lottery Corporation to issue new rules to all casinos that they license and regulate, and they now have banned those casinos from using any third party companies to destroy their playing cards.

The reason for the change of rules regarding the disposal of used playing cards is to completely negate the possibility of them being put back into live play at the gaming tables.

Whilst it is believed those un-shredded playing cards had not been discovered by casino cheats, nor had they been put into play, by demanding that all casinos now shred and dispose of their playing cards in-house that will negate the risk of them being recycled and put back into play by casino card cheats.

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