Best Paying BetSoft Gaming Slot Machines

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Thanks to their amazing slot machine 3D animations and graphics, online and mobile slot players often make a beeline to play slot machines that have been designed and launched by a company called BetSoft Gaming, and plenty of casino sites and casino apps do have their games available.

However, for the often hard-pressed slot player, trying to find out just which are the better paying slot machines can be a very time consuming task.

That information is often hidden away on the pay tables of each slot or buried deep in the game play rules of each individual slot machine, and as such, players could spend literally hours searching for such information.

For those players that do get the urge to get stuck into playing BetSoft Gaming designed slot machines in any playing environment, there are some slots that are famed for having higher than average payout percentages, and below you will find out just which slots they are.

The Good Girl Bad Girl slot for example has three different modes players can active that will deliver a different type of slot playing variance, the Good mode has an RTP of 97.30%, the Bad mode has an RTP of 97.79% and both modes when played together returns a payout percentage of 97.70%.

Their Gypsy Rose slot also has a very high long term expected RTP of a huge 97.63% but do be aware a large percentage of that RTP some 13.49% is made up from the free spins bonus feature.

One other slot machine designed and launched by BetSoft Gaming that is certainly worth playing is the Puppy Love slot, for that game boasts a very respectable and high long term expected payout percentage of some 97.23%,

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