Blackjack Game Side Bets Not Always a Good Bet


With such a huge variety of Blackjack game variants on offer for online, mobile and even land-based casino card game players these days, many players will be tempted to give the variants that offer some form of side bet a try.

Much more so if those variants offer a live progressive jackpot. However, one thing that does always need keeping in mind is that a casino site or venue isn’t offering those side bets and huge jackpots out of the goodness of their hearts, they are offering them as they will improve the income generated from those games.

A side bet can often be completely optional, but players are going to be tempted to place them when playing any Blackjack game, for they will end up kicking themselves if they didn’t place such a bet and a potentially huge paying hand combination is then dealt out to them, and they did not place the required side bet to secure that bonus winning pay-out.

At the end of the day though, what all savvy blackjack players are going to be on the lookout for are Blackjack game variants that offer them the very lowest house edges, and then they will set about playing those variants only once they have mastered playing the base game perfectly.

With so any different variants of Blackjack available though, it can take quite some time for players to try and work out just which are the best variants to play.

However, with casino sites such as those using the Microgaming software platforms, offering the single hand Classic Blackjack game which returns a house edge of just 0.13% when played optimally, and Playtech powered casino sites offering their unique Blackjack Switch variant which boasts a house edge of just 0.16%, those are the two variants that any online or mobile Blackjack player should be tracking down and playing.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other card games that offer progressive jackpots too, however those other games do tend to offer players a much higher house edge and as such should be avoided.

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