Blake Shelton Surprises Slot Machine Player

surprised look

The number of slot machines that are themed and branded around celebrities are on the increase these days, you will find slots themed around people such as Cher, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and plenty of other living and dead celebrities too, no matter where you choose to play.

However, over at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Vegas, there is one slot that many players are magically drawn towards playing currently, and that is their Blake Shelton themed slot on which bonus games, bonus features and huge jackpots are on offer.

One thing that slot players wouldn’t expect to happen, however, would be for Blake himself to suddenly wander up to them when playing, but that is something that did happen just recently.

A player was happily spinning the reels of that slot when all of a sudden Blake sneaked up alongside her and simply stood there until she gave him a glance, you can imagine the surprise on her face when she realised the character her slot was based around was there in person by her side.

This isn’t the first time such an amusing incident has happened, for another popular slot with players is of course the Ellen slot, which is themed around Ellen DeGeneres, in fact there are now a couple of slots in that series, and recently she too made an appearance on a casino gaming floor but went one step further.

Ellen DeGeneres suddenly appeared on the gaming floor at the MGM Grand Casino in Vegas and surprised slot players there by handing out vouchers and cold hard cash to them as they played her namesake slot.

So next time any players are playing any celebrity themed slot machines, there may just be a chance that the person that slot is themed around may appear and surprise them.

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