Blazing Trails Slot

blazing reels slot

Blazing Trails slot is a western frontier themed slot game set for release on November 19th 2020 by slots developer, Leander Games. It’s packed full of bonuses which we detail below and looks set to be a highly entertaining slot. We’ll provide a full review of our experience of this game once it’s fully finished and we have had a good go on it. In the meantime take a look at the details below to see what’s in store.

100% 1st Deposit Bonus + 100 Free Spins!

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Release Date:

November 19th 2020

How it Pays and Plays

The Bonus and the game logo symbols pay out for 2 of a kind whilst 3 of a kind in a row are required from all other symbols to form a win.

Symbols and Graphics

Blazing Trails slot is set on a Western frontier type wooden wagon with the game name written on the roof. In the background you can see a wooden fence and some skyline. 

Low paying symbols include 10, Jack, Queen, Kings and Aces whilst premium symbols are a gold nugget, a gold nugget with gold bullet, a cash wheel and a cash wheel with a bullet, a duck logo and a duck logo with a bullet. The top paying symbol is the game logo.

Wild symbols are a “Wanted” poster which substitute for any other symbol apart from the Bonus symbols.

There are 3 variations of the bonus symbol which are the Sheriff Badge (Blue Bonus Scatter symbol), the Mini Slot Bar Game (Red bonus Scatter symbol) and the Map Bonus Game (Yellow bonus Scatter symbol).

Progressive Cashpots

There are 3 different progressive cashpots on offer in the Blazing Trails slot. These include the Emerald, Ruby and Diamond cashpots.During each spin a small percentage of the bet will contribute towards these jackpots. They have various seed values starting at 500 for the Emerald, 2,000 for the Ruby and 10,000 for the diamond. There is no cap on these and they can be won on the Map Bonus game. 

Sheriff Badge Free Spins Bonus

To get the free spins to trigger you will need to land 3, 4 or 5 of the blue bonus Scatter symbols. This will give 10, 20 and 30 free spins respectively. During this bonus you will get 2 locked Wild symbols on the middle rows on reels 2 and 4, helping to create some higher winning potential. 

Mini Slot Bar Game

Landing 3 red bonus symbols will trigger the “mini slot” game. Here you’ll be taken to a slot wheel which has 3 rings, they all have9 evenly spaced symbols (diamond, spade, heart). You will start the reels spinning by pressing the spring plunger and however they end up aligning will be correlated to how much you win. All the values of wheel are labelled in the gameplay, it sounds complicated but once you see it you know immediately what’s going on. 

Map Bonus Game

This is triggered when you land the yellow bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. This game takes the form of chasing a dodgy snakeoil salesman out of town, of which there were many in the old western frontier towns. You have to choose between 3 trails and at the end of each on is a chest. It can open to reveal a monetary value or reveal a gemstone. If you reveal 3 gemstones of the same colour then you’ll be awarded with the corresponding jackpot. 

Trail Bonuses

Blazing Trails slot also has 3 different Trial Bonuses which can be activated. Whenever the Duck symbol with a bullet (blue trail), Gold Nugget symbol with a bullet (red trail) or wheel symbol with a bullet (green trail) lands in view on the reels one matching spot on the trail target ladder to the left of the slot reels will be shot and eliminated. Eliminate all the symbols and it will trigger the corresponding bonus as below:

Green Trail- Wheel of Fortune Bonus: This will activate a wheel with various bet multiplier values on it and a few “lose” symbols. This will be based on your average bet and you’ll be hoping for a high valued multiplier to to land.

Red Trail – Pan for Gold: Here you’ll see a pan dip into the water and if it comes out with a gold nugget it will have a multiplier value attached to it. Keep doing this until you come up empty handed. The value of all the multipliers will then be totalled up to show you how much you’ve won. 

Blue Trail – Duck Shoot: Here you’ll get to “shoot” at various ducks, just like to old wild west game. Each time you hit a duck it will have a multiplier value on it. Keep hitting ducks and the multipliers will all be added together until you shoot a duck that has an X on it and the game ends.

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