Bookies Laying Plenty of FA Cup Bets

Soccer fireball scores a goal on the net

This Saturday afternoon sports fans around the world are going to be watching the FA Cup final, and there are of course different views of just which way that match will end. As such it is one of the major football betting events of the year.

However, a quick look at the odds being offered on that match will tell you that the bookies appear to be running scared of a Manchester City win, as they are offering odds of around 1/4 on them winning!

Those rather restrictive odds do mean that punters that feel the match will end in a draw or a win for the other finalist, Watford, are much bigger, with the draw generally being offered at odds of around the 5/1 and Watford being on offer at odds of around the 10/1 mark to win that match.

Some big bets have also been placed by punters who are prepared to take their chances on the correct score betting markets, for those who feel City will win the FA Cup will get some much more attractive odds on offer on those betting markets.

As for the most likely correct scores in that match, well it does look like City are going to rattle in a few goals at least, and the 2-0 bet does look attractive for City fans for that bet has odds attached to it of around the 8/1 mark at most sportsbooks.

The 3-0 and 3-1 correct scores regarding a Manchester City win are also very appealing, for by shopping around you should easily be able to get odds of 6/1 and 10/1 on both of those two bets respectively. Look out for Elton John making an appearance at the match, for his kids will be leading out the Watford team.

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