C2 Casino Moves from Soft Launch to Official Launch

C2 Casino Cyprus

The C2 Casino which is based in Cyprus will be moving from its soft three month launch to its official launch this week, and they are holding a couple of events during the week to celebrate their official opening.

Whilst the casino has been open to the public since June, which was deemed to be a period of time for them to iron out any problems and ensure the long term success of the casino, many punters have already visited the venue.

Being the very first casino in Cyprus, many locals have had very high hopes of the C2 Casino, and they haven’t been disappointed in that regard. In fact, visitor numbers have exceeded all expectations.

The first of the events to be held will be a cocktail party at which many local officials and business owners have been invited, and that event will take place on Tuesday followed by a party on Wednesday for their many customers who can win gifts and cash prizes too.

Whilst the casino is by no stretch of the imagination a huge one, when you compare it to casinos in places such as Las Vegas, it does offer a grand total of 33 card and table games and 258 slot machines, including its own high limit gaming area.

The C2 Casino is in fact just a temporary casino that will be closed down in 2021 as that is when the City of Dreams Mediterranean Casino Resort will be opening its doors .This venue is owned and operated by the same company which is the replacement casino for the C2.

If the current footfall continues in the way it has been doing that much larger replacement casino will be needed, but if you do find yourself in Cyprus on business or for please the address of the C2 is 271 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue in Zakaki, Limassol, Cyprus.

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