Caesars Entertainment Call It a Day on their Japan Ambitions

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Back in 2016 it was announced that Japan would be legalising casino gambling, and that opened the floodgates so to speak for casino operators across the globe to start planning bids for a share of what was bound to be a very profitable marketplace.

It fact many industry experts agreed that there could be as much as a huge $20 billion up for grabs in that newly opened market sector, and that did force the hands of many established gambling companies to start putting into place how they could bag a share of it.

However, things have not gone as smoothly as many casino operators would have hoped, for gaining approval to operate a casino resort in Japan, the tax they would be required to pay on gambling income generated and the all-important rules and regulations the newly set up Japan gaming regulators would demand has not been forthcoming.

That situation and lack of information has already led to Caesars Entertainment to curtail their ambitions to enter the Japanese gambling marketplace, and many other operators are also beginning to reconsider doing so too.

Whilst it had been hoped the first casinos to open in Japan would be around 2025, that date is looking like a pipedream now, with many casino operators convinced it is going to be many years after that one Japan will finally have their first fully legal land based casino resort.

The problem appears to lay with local government officials who are not showing any real interest in putting into place a regulatory structure for casino gambling to take place in Japan, and with no idea of the tax implications casino operators are unable to put together any meaningful business plans.

In fact, people living in Japan are also beginning to worry about the implications of casino styled gambling, with crime and gambling addiction being at the top of their list of worries about that marketplace in Japan too.

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