Cashless Casino Demanded For New Delta Casino

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It was in the latter part of last year that a new casino was approved to be built in Delta, British Columbia, and the owner and operator of that new venue will be Cascades Casino.

However, ever mindful of the possibility of money laundering by customers visiting that venue, the council, led by Mayor George Harvie are insisting that the casino itself follows the New Zealand model and becomes a cashless casino, whereby customers use electronic payment methods instead of cash to obtain credits on gaming machines or buy chips at the gaming tables.

Casinos that allow cash transactions, which most of them do, have always have a problem with criminals using their services as a way of turning dirty money into supposed clean money, and by insisting the new casino uses a cashless system that should go a long way to stamp out most if not all money laundering that does go on in such places at that venue when it finally opens.

The council will, of course, need to get full approval from the Federal Government to make such a requirement become a reality, but as far as the Mayor is concerned that is something they should be able to do.

There are benefits to that casino opening, and with the council looking to reinvest their share of the revenue from the venue back into the community, the community at large are all for it opening.

Whilst the new casino will by no stretch of the imagination be a huge venue, it is one that is expected to raise a fair amount of cash in taxes, with some $70 million having been set aside by Cascades Casino to build it.

It is expected that the casino in Delta will be opened sometime in 2020, and with the new proposal from the council with reference to the cashless operation of that venue expected to be given the go ahead by the Federal Government it is thought that there will be no objections from the operating company.

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