Casino Dealer Tries, and Fails to Steal a $5000 Chip

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Casino Dealers are not the best paid employees in a casino, however, with tips they can of course boost their wages, and with hard work they can climb up the career ladder.

Much like in any industry that is cash based, there are always going to be some employees working in a casino that will take a step over to the dark side, and will try and defraud the casino at which they work.

Video footage has just been unearthed that show one dealer over at the Star Casino in Sydney, Australia taking a $5000 chip out of the chip tray and slipping it into his sock.

What must have been going through his mind at the time no one knows, for if there is one thing that any card table in any casino is going to have, it is several security cameras facing it and recording every single thing that happens in and around the table, and those cameras did record him trying to steal that high valued chip.

That dealer has been given the nickname the Mr Bean of Dealers, for if the offence wasn’t so serious the way he went about pulling it off would be funny.

Once he slips the chip into his sock he then shows the palms of his hands to the cameras to prove there is nothing in them! Well, there wouldn’t be for he shoved that chip very clearly in his sock a second ago.

The upshot of this story is that the dealer was arrested and charged with the offence and was given a suspended sentence, he was also sacked by the casino, as would be expected.

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