Casino Games Help With Cognitive Function in the Elderly

Casino Day Care Centres Japan

You may have thought of gambling as just one of those pastimes you occasionally take part in, that has no real beneficial elements other than keeping you entertained, amused and sometimes in profit.

However, in Japan, elderly people are now able to spend a session at a day care centre in which they have access to a large range of different casino styled games, and whilst there they are given a free play type of currency called Vegas.

They can then play any games to their hearts content without ever running the risk of gambling away their savings, or their children’s inheritance! You may be wondering why anybody would ship off their elderly relatives to such a gambling day care centre, well it has been found to be a great way for them to improve their cognitive function, and help keep them alert too.

The idea was devised as it was found that rather than have the elderly sat around in large armchairs all day, with nothing to do and nothing to stimulate them, by giving them access to games such as pachinko machines and other gaming machines and card and table games too they became much more stimulated and that in turn enabled them to put their minds to work.

A range of systems are in place to ensure that elderly people in Japan visiting a casino styled day care centres do not become addicted to gambling, however all those attending do benefit from their days out.

This idea certainly makes a change from the elderly playing games such a bingo, or simply being stimulated in a day care centre by being forced to have to watch local school children signing or putting on little shows, and perhaps one day we all will be shipped off to such a place in our twilight years!

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