Casino Games Like Crazy Time

Crazy Time

These are the games like Crazy Time:

  • Spin a Win
  • Mega Wheel
  • Sweet Bonanza Candy Land

Please do read on for an overview of how those game show themed live casino games all play and pay.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel

There is nothing overly complicated about the way the Mega Wheel game has been designed, and it is a game like Crazy Time but without any main bonus games to distract you.

What you are faced with doing before the wheel is sent into live play, is to select one or more of the betting positions to bet on, each of which represent different segments of the wheel.

You can bet on x1, x2, x5, x8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and/or 40. To give you the chance of winning big before the wheel stops one segment of the wheel has its base multiply replaced with a much higher valued one, and it if spins in as the winning segment you receive your winning payouts based on that much higher multiplier.

The main attraction for players of playing the Mega Wheel game is that you can play off many more spins per session than when playing some other wheel based games, which due to their bonus games tend to reduce the number of spins that can be played off per hour.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land

Sweet Bonanza Candy Time

If you are looking for a game similar to Crazy Time and love the variants that offer bonus games and bonus multipliers, then feast your eyes over the Sweet Bonanza Candy Land game as you are going to love every single aspect of how it has been designed and put together.

You have six standard betting opportunities when playing this game, and those are the three multiplier value segment of the wheel, x1, x2 and x5, or you can place a bet on the three bonus game awarding segments of that wheel which can trigger the Bubble Surprise, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins bonus rounds.

Once you have placed your wagers you can choose to activate the additional but optional side bet wager, which costs a percentage of your total base game wagers, and once you choose to activate that bonus bet if the Sugar Bomb segment of the wheel spins in a multiplier is awarded for the next spin as  mentioned below:

Bubble Surprise – You will get to play off a smaller bonus wheel when you see the Bubble Surprise segment of the wheel spinning in, but only if you have placed a bet on it.

That bonus wheel can award a simple multiplier which you stake is boosted by or it can award one of the two main bonus games that being either Candy Drop or the Sweet Spins bonus game instead.

If it does the stake you had in play on the Bubble Surprise segment of the triggering spin is the one that will be used for the bonus game awarded.

Candy Drop – Placing a bet on the Candy Drop segment of the wheel and seeing it spin in opposite the win pointer, will award the bonus game of the same name.

Players are tasked with picking one of three balls, and they are then dropped, one by one down a playing bed, as they make their way down, any multiplier values they hit are added together to award a final multiplier which is boosted by your base game bet on the Candy Drop betting position.

Sweet Spins – The Sweet Spins bonus round is played off on s epical bonus screen on which you will see a slot machine like animation, the aim will be for you to keep on seeing winning combinations being formed at the bonus game plays off, and when one or more winning combinations are formed, the winning symbols are removed via what is known as a tumble feature, and new ones drop in to replace them.

The more winning combinations that appear during the bonus game with the help of that tumble feature the bigger and better your total winning payouts will be when the game comes to an end.

Sugar Bomb – The sugar bomb is an optional side bet that you can place alongside your base game bets and wagers, if that segment of the wheel is spun in then a multiplier value comes into play for whichever segment of the wheel spins in on the very next spin.

Be aware the host will spin the wheel again without you having to place any additional bets when the Sugar Bomb segment is spun in, so all bets you placed will remain in place for the next spin after it spins in.

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