Casino Know Your Customer Rules Tightened

Casino Know Your Customer

Part and parcel of you signing up to a new online casino site, or simply an established one that you have never played at before that you do need to be aware of is that they are legally bound to verify your identity.

All responsible gambling commissions and gaming authorities have to have in place a system whereby they demand and require all of their license holders to have a system in place so they can verify a player’s age, address and identity.

The reason why that is demanded by most, if not all gambling site regulators, is to ensure those sites they regulate never allow underage gamblers. As well as ensuring that there is never any risk of a casino or other gambling site being used as a way for money laundering.

As such you are going to have to be prepared to go through checks when you register as a new player at any online or mobile casino site, and most players are often required to send in copies of their identification documents along with a recent utility bill so that the casino can then verify they are who they say they are.

In fact, some casinos now have electronic systems in place so they can electronically verify the identities of all new players who sign up to their respective sites.

The one problem a player will experience in regards to account verification and know your customer legal requirements is when they are unable to furnish a casino sites security team with the correct documents required. It isn’t unheard of in such circumstances for players to be told to get their documents certified by a legal professional or entity in their own country of residence.

In fact, some players are being told to take selfies of themselves holding their credit or debit cards, and sending those into a casino site, just in case they turn out to be fraudsters, and if so the casino then has a picture of them!

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