Century Mile Racetrack and Casino Opens Today

grand opening

The excitement has certainly been reaching fever pitch with gamblers over in Edmonton, for they will not have failed to notice the brand-new Century Mile Racetrack and Casino which has been having its finishing touches put to it over the last few weeks.

Well, today is the day when that brand-new racetrack and casino opens to the public, and due to the location of that gambler’s paradise, traffic is expected to be very busy in and around the Edmonton International Airport throughout the day.

The doors to the casino will be swung open at 9:30am, and there are expected to be huge crowds gathering, and not only avid gamblers willing to try their luck on the huge number of casino games available, but by local residents eager to just have a good look around the venue to see what all the fuss has been about.

The location of the venue did worry many residents, for being so close to the airport departure and arrival areas, congestion is going to be expected at peak times. However, there are direct public transport links that have been put into place to ensure those wishing to pay a visit to the casino or racetrack can do so without having to take their own vehicle.

There are plenty of car parking spaces available, with space for 700 vehicles of every description, and it is expected that most if not all of those parking spaces are going to be in use from first thing in the morning too, so anybody that is planning on visiting the casino or racetrack for a good look around may be best advised to leave it until later in the day to do so.

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