Cheating Suspected with the aid of RFID Playing Cards

poker player with cards and chips at casino

RFID is a technology that many casinos over the years have adopted to keep track of their high valued casino chips, and it basically stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and a small electronic chip inserted into each playing chip allows a casino to track the moment of their chips around casino, and also allows for Dealers and Croupiers to verify those chips are real ones and not fake copies.

However, some casinos have started to use RFID technology in their playing cards too, as that allows for them to ensure the correct cards are in play on their table games, and that players have not introduced their own counterfeit cards into a deck whilst playing.

But it would appear, that has left some casinos opening to players cheating, which is something that many people have suspected has been happening over at the Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights which is near Sacramento in the U.S.A.

That casino has embraced that new technology and has also been streaming their poker tournaments over the internet so that people can watch all their major poker tournaments from anywhere they happen to be.

What has been suspected by many viewers of those internet streamed poker tournaments is that some players have been able to intercept by methods unknown the RFID signal from those playing cards and have been able to discover the playing cards other players sat around the poker table they are playing at are holding and have in their hand.

As a precaution, and whilst an investigation is carried out that casino has stopped streaming their poker tournaments over the internet and have withdrawn the use of RFID playing cards too. Once the investigation is carried out the casino is planning on making public the results of that investigation.

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