Chicago to Get Mega Casino and Airport Based Slot Machines

chicago skyline

It was a proposed budget that raised eyebrows in Chicago, and one that needed both Republicans and Democrats to agree if it was to pass a General Assembly vote. However, for once, both political parties were in agreement, and as such a new balanced budget has been passed by law makers in Chicago.

The budget is though, reliant on a huge change to the gambling laws, which will see a brand-new mega casino being built in the area to raise much needed tax revenue, and slot machines are also going to be permitted in O’Hare and Midway airports too.

Other taxes are also due to be raised to help balance the budget, including both an increase in tobacco and alcohol duty, however it was the massive expansion in gambling in Chicago that was the most interesting aspect of the budget.

As such a new mega casino will be permitted to be built in the local area, which will be allowed to have up to 4000 slot machines on its gaming floor, but lawmakers want it to be owned and fully operated by a private company.

Any casinos that are currently operating within the Illinois state boundaries will also be granted permission to expand their operations if they so desire, which could include many of them apply to increase the number of gaming machines on their respective gaming floors.

Smaller casinos will also be granted licenses to operate across the state, and legalised sports betting will also be permitted.

It must have been apparent to lawmakers that if the state was to balance the books and get back on the right track, a massive increase in licensed gambling venues was one of the easiest ways that could be achieved, and that is what will now be put into place.

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