Church Refuses Huge Donation from Wind Creek Casinos

Businessman refusing the money offered by businessman on white b

It was back on the 19th of January that a huge tornado ripped through the town of Wetumpka in Alabama, and as always happens when the force of nature is unleashed upon any part of the U.S, the local community and local businesses rally round to help rebuild those areas.

The owners of Wind Creek Casinos are famed for their generosity, and it wasn’t too long before several donations were forthcoming, with two churches and the police department being chosen to receive some very large amounts of cash from the company.

However, that put one of those churches in something of a quandary, and that was the First Baptist Church of Wetumpka, for whilst their church was damaged by the tornado, the fact that the church is against gambling meant they didn’t want the donation.

It was a sizeable $25,000 which the chain of casinos had offered the church. However, the pastor, James Troglen decided it was a donation he and his congregation would not be comfortable accepting and therefore refused to accept it.

The pastor has suggested that the cash would be better used support others that had been affected by the tornado, but as his church members had voted to refuse the donation based on their moral beliefs, he couldn’t accept the cash.

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