Colorado Belle Casino a Cheap and Cheerful Place to Stay in Nevada

Laughlin Nevada Colorado River Waterfront Downtown City Skyline

The costs of staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas will, of course, vary dependent on where visitors wish to lay their weary heads at the end of a day’s gambling.

Whilst most people will opt for one of the Strip casino resorts, the costs involved can be crazy when you take into account not only the initial cost of the room but the many additional add-ons including the mandatory taxes and the much hated resort fees.

The savviest of visitors to Nevada will always be looking for properties to stay at which are located well away from the Strip, and the Downtown area is one place people can and do get some real bargains when it comes to hotel rooms.

But for those of you that are prepared to travel even further afield, there is the delightful gambling town of Laughlin, which is set on the stunning banks of the Colorado River. With several casinos located on the “Laughlin Strip” it is an amazing place to visit and one that is the complete opposite of Vegas.

Cost conscious visitors looking for a complete bargain will be amazed at just how cheap it will be to stay in some of the many casinos located in Laughlin, take for example the Colorado Belle Casino Resort; they currently have weekday night room fees of just $15, or $12 per night if you register on their website.

The resort fee or as they call it “service fee” is just $10 per night and when the taxes are added on that works out to a total cost of $24.75, whilst the casino itself is not huge, the rooms are clean and comfortable, and those low room fees do mean will be more left in your budget to do the things you fancy doing.

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