Could More Genting Casinos Close?

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It was quite a shock when the announcement was made that Genting were closing their Ocean Drive Casino up in Scotland, for that venue always seemed to be a popular one with customers who enjoyed taking the short trip to Leith Docks to play their favourite casino games.

However, that has led to speculation that all may not be well in the company, and many industry folk are convinced that some of the other land based casinos they operate south of the Scottish border may also be closing soon.

The company did, however, state that the only reason why they opted to close that casino was due to the simple fact that they operate two additional casinos very close by in Edinburgh and it was solely due to the fact it was proving difficult to keep the Ocean Drive Casino operating profitably that forced their hand in choosing to close its doors for good.

Fortunately, for staff, many of them are being relocated to the other two casinos that Genting operate nearby, which has kept the amount of forced redundancies to just a small number.

With over 40 casinos across the UK, Genting are one of the largest operators of land based casinos in Great Britain, and to be fair to them their venues are run to the very highest of standards as you would expect and have always proven to be popular places for gamblers to visit.

One would have thought though, that they could have waited until the reduction in stakes on FOBT’s comes into effect at the end of March to see if players of those machines would have been tempted to visit a land based casino instead of a bookies shop to place bets on games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

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