December was a Good Month for Maryland Casinos

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It is always around this time of the month that the figures are released from many gambling commissions that give an insight and overview of just how well or bad the casinos they oversee have done in the previous month.

Well, it would appear that casinos based over in Maryland had a fantastic December, for the figures just released for those casinos show there has been an increase in income.

The Lottery and Gaming Commission announced that all six of the casinos that are based in Maryland produced an income in December 2017 of some $148.4 million, which when compared with December 2018 showed an increase of a huge $7.3 million.

It will not only be the casino operators that are going to be happy with those figures, for as the state does benefit from a share of the income generated, that is a payment to the state of some $61millioon, of which around $45 million is set aside for the local Education Trust Fund.

Whilst collectively the income generated by those six casinos did increase, just five of them that saw a direct increase in their individual income, as the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore was the only one that saw a drop in income.

It was the Oceans Down Casino that saw one of the biggest growths in income in December, and that increase was something of an awe-inspiring 45%, which means the casino generated $5.4million which was $1.7million more than it generated back in December of 2017.

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