Despite Warnings Cheats Descend on the Boston Harbor Casino


We did report a few days ago that the local policy in Boston gave out a stern warning for troublemakers, criminals and casino cheats to stay away from the opening day of the Encore Boston Harbour Casino, as they had ample teams on duty to root out any ne’er do wells.

Well, that warning does appear to have fallen on deaf ears, for on the opening day of that huge and sprawling new casino resort, police did make several arrests, with four people being detained at the casino at different times during the day.

One person was arrested for trespass having been kicked out of the casino earlier on in the day, another was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, however two people were arrested on charges of cheating and conspiracy.

It was the roulette table those alleged casino cheats had targeted, with Jankelli S. Volquez a 27-year-old and Hector Hernandez a 56-year-old being spotted by the casino surveillance team up to no good at one of the many American Roulette tables.

It has also been reported a fifth person was also issued with a summons rather than be arrested based on a possession of heroin charge too.

Overall though, apart from those four arrests and the summons being issued, local police were happy with the way the opening day and launch of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino Resort went, and based on the huge number of people that attended that day, the percentage of arrests made based on the visitors was tiny.

Despite fears of possible crowd control issues, possible underage gambling and possible medical incidents, the day did go well for both the police and the staff and the operators at the casino, and many visitors did take the advice of the police and took a ride on public transport to the property rather that visit using their own vehicles.

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