Does North Korea Operate Secret Casinos Across the Globe?

North Korea Casinos

It would appear from reports just in from Russia that North Korea has been operating a casino from within their Embassy in Moscow!

As you will likely be aware, any country that has an Embassy within any other country can do what they please inside them, for the grounds in which they stand are deemed to be sovereign to the country the Embassy represents.

However, for North Korea to open up casino venues with their Embassies does raise an eyebrow or two and is possibly something that they have been doing across the globe too, and would of course be a good way for them to raise much needed foreign currencies.

What has been suggested by the police in Moscow is that well heeled VIP’s and other dignitaries are invited to gamble in the North Korean Embassy in Moscow. They are then apparently plied with drinks from what has been described as attractive cocktail waitresses. 

It has to be said that nothing North Korea does will surprise anybody these days, but if true then you have to hand it to King Jong-Un, he certainly is something of an entrepreneur.

It has also been suspected for a number of years now that North Korea are also using their Embassies to smuggle drugs and other contraband into other countries of the world, and whilst that has always been hard to prove it is certainly something you could suspect them of doing.

Diplomatic Immunity and the fact that any Embassy is often above the law in the country in which they stand is always going to pose a problem, much more so when those countries are as secretive and as dodgy as North Korea!

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