Don’t be Forced into Playing Low Paying Christmas Slots

christmas slots

Plenty of slot players this month are taking full advantage of the seemingly never ending array of festive promotional offers, as we head towards the Christmas break.

But you need to be a savvy player if you are making use of the Advent Calendars most casino sites have made available to their players for the entire month. Those calendars are of course going to give you access to a different promotional offer each day through until Christmas Day, but not all of them are as generous as they may first appear.

Therefore, in something of a timely reminder to all of you online players out there who do get the urge to play casino games this December, be aware that comp point multipliers and deposit match bonuses will be offered to you this month, but many of them will only be redeemable on Christmas themed slots.

Whilst some casinos will allow you to play any slot games you fancy playing with their Advent Calendar themed promotional offers, some casino sites are going to restrict your game play to slots they want you to play.

That could mean that you are then forced to have to play slots on which the long term expected payout percentages have been set very low, therefore often negating the value of the bonuses and/or the comp point boosters you are going to be making use of.

A quick glance of the terms and conditions attached to any such offers and deals you are presented with will enlighten you as to just which casino games you are allowed to play with any bonuses that have been made available to you.

But what you should also make a point of doing is to look up the RTP’s on offer on the games you can play with bonus credits, and if those payout percentages are lower than average, then we would urge you to avoid claiming such bonuses.

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