Don’t be taken in By Double Exposure Blackjack!


Blackjack is one of the most played casino card games, and no matter which casino players do choose to play at they are often going to find several different variants of that game on offer.

However, there is nothing worse than an uneducated and un-savvy Blackjack player, for when playing any variant if they are not played optimally and with the very best Blackjack playing strategy there are lots of playing errors and playing mistakes players can and do make.

Splitting 10 valued playing cards for example is a costly mistake players often make, as is too taking insurance, for that particular side bet option, whilst offering players a 2 to 1 payout if the dealer does end up having a Blackjack boasts a very high house edge.

There are some variants that can look very appealing to a first time Blackjack player, and one such game is the Double Exposure Blackjack variant, for that game is unique in as much as the Dealer is always going to deal out his or her hand with all of their playing cards up-facing.

Knowing just what the dealers hand is can be very appealing for players, as they can then base all of their playing decisions on what they know the Dealers hand is, as opposed to what they think the Dealers cards are.

But that game does come with a higher than average house edge, and when, for example, a player sets about playing that variant at Microgaming powered casino site, they are going to be up against a house edge of a huge 0.79%, or when playing at an RTG software powered site the house edge on their variant of that game, known as Face Up Blackjack, is even higher at 0.90%.

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