Don’t Get Stung with Casino Resort Fees

Casino Resort Fees

As many people will be planning a trip to Vegas over the autumn and winter months, if you have never been there before, then you do need to be aware of the hidden charges that many casino resorts are going to sting you for.

One aspect to booking a room in Vegas that many first time visitors to that city are blissfully unaware of is that resort fees are never charged when you book your room online, whether directly at the casino resorts website or when using a hotel comparison website.

It will be at the point in time that you check into the hotel that you will often find the property then hits you with the resort fees, which is some cases can be just as high as the room rate per night you are paying, and the resort fee is payable for each night you stay at those casino resorts, too.

Hidden away often on a casino or hotel comparison website you will find the details of their resort fees, and they are apparently to pay for things such as the use of the gym, the Wi-Fi and the swimming pool or pools, which could be things you are unlikely to want to use anyway, especially with there being so many distractions in Vegas.

Sadly all Las Vegas Strip Casinos now charge a resort fee, and as such if you want to avoid paying often just as much as you are paying for your hotel room in resort fees you need to stay at casino resorts and hotels that are not located directly on the Strip.

Also, keep in mind that if you do visit and gamble in Vegas often, then by concentrating most or all of your gambling activities at just one casino resort you will then often qualify for free hotel rooms and/or suites, by using your players card club.

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