Duson Casino Raiders Arrested

handcuffed man

It was not what you could call the crime of the century, however when Cary Bastian and Abby Doan who live in Rayne decided to visit a casino in Duson, it was not with the intention of trying their luck on the gaming machines they had in mind.

Once inside the casino, Doan distracted the cashier away from her cash drawer, and whilst the cashier’s attention was with her, Bastian then set about emptying that cash drawer and making his escape.

They do say that the simplest of crimes are often the most successful, however in today’s world of electronic surveillance, it would probably have dawned on the much savvier casino raider that the gaming floor, and much more so the cashiers area would be covered by CCTV.

But from all accounts that was the last thing on their mind, and once the crime was discovered, which was minutes after the raid on the cash drawer it didn’t take the security team at the casino long to realise not only how the cash had been stolen but by whom too.

Both Doan and Bastian were picked up by the Duson Police Department today and were taken to the Acadia Parish Jail and charged with misdemeanour theft.

Whilst Bastian did make bail which had been set at some $2,500, Doan was not as lucky as she has holds against her from another agency.

Local police sources state that they may have targeted other businesses in the past too, for this isn’t the type of crime you suddenly decide to do on the spot, and it would likely have been pre-planned, and all retail outlets in the area should be on the lookout for the couple if in the future they do make an appearance inside their venues.

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