Employee of Belterra Park Casino Held Up an Gun Point


Even at this festive time of the year crime can and does still happen, and sadly that has been the case over at the Belterra Park Casino in the Anderson Township in Hamilton in downtown Cincinnati.

It was on Monday morning that one of the employees of that popular land based casino was making their way to their vehicle when they were approached by a man brandishing an assault rifle, who then went on to demand money from the casino employee.

No battle or resistance was put up by the casino employee who handed over an unspecified amount of cash, and fortunately no injuries were reported with the suspect then making off in a vehicle in a westerly direction along Kellogg Road.

The crime took place at 2.14am in the morning and the local Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is very eager to speak to anybody that may have been in the area at the time and who may have seen anything suspicious taking place in the Belterra Park Casino parking lot.

Whilst this type of crime is fairly rare, it is a timely reminder for anybody who is visiting a land based casino to always be on their guard and to take extra precautions if they are carrying a lot of cash with them.

Most, if not all, land based casinos will give winners the option of having their winnings paid out to them via check or bank wire, which is something that most people should consider doing so, just to negate the risk of them being mugged, robbed or attack as they are leaving a casino venue after a big win, and many casinos will permit their security teams to escort a big winner to their vehicle too.

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