Encore Boston Harbor Casino Aiming for a Better Class of Punter!

Expensive concept

The clock is now ticking until the opening of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino, however those planning on spending a few days at that sprawling new casino resort are going to have to have some very deep pockets, for the prices being charged for a room currently are much like the hotel tower, that being sky high.

It will be on the 23rd of June this month that the doors of that casino resort finally swing open to the general public, however bookings are now being taken on its website, and those of you out there that are planning on a few nights away are certainly going to be shocked by the prices being asked for the available room and suites.

Rooms that are available start in the $700 per night price range and the most expensive ones available are going to set customers back a whopping $2,600 per night, and as such its very to say that they appear to be hoping to attract a very well-heeled type of customer through their doors.

Those prices are considerably higher than any other nearby high end hotel, but with an established customer base in places such as Las Vegas, the owners of that casino resort are hoping it will attract those customers that are living more local to the Boston area and who do not wish to travel to Vegas.

The casino resort is well connected to the road and rail network and as such there is expected to be a huge number of customers to the venue once it does open, but looking at those prices not many of those customers will be staying in the hotel.

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