Encore Boston Harbor Casino Becomes a Battlefield

Fight, close up of two fists hitting each other over dramatic sk

Long before the Encore Boston Harbor Casino was built, and the proposal to build that stunning looking venue was going through the public consultation period, many people objected on the grounds that it would very quickly become a hot bed of crime and would lead to a huge number of undesirables visiting the local area, and of course the casino itself.

Many of them have been proven right if Monday nights events are anything to go by, for several mass fights broke out on the property which required the urgent assistance of state troopers, Everett police officers and even the Gaming Enforcement Unit too.

It was just after 2am on Monday morning that a fight broke out outside the Memoire nightclub, and that was followed minutes later by another brawl in the casinos main lobby, then yet another fight broke out soon after on the casinos gaming floor too.

In total just two arrests were made on the property, however a third person was also taken into custody for their own protection.

Some people are suggesting that one of the fights was caused by overly aggressive security personal on duty outside the nightclub, however that is something that the casino management have very quickly rejected.

Whether those three events were “one offs” does remain to be seen, as the casino hasn’t been open that long, however it is known that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission are going to be taking a look at the events that led up to those three fights to see if there were any failings by the security team on duty as the casino, and whether there can be any improvements in the way the venue is internally policed.

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