European Blackjack is Still a Popular Variant

man playing blackjack

With Blackjack players having such a huge choice of variants to play online, many of the original variants seem to drop off players radars, and rarely get played these days.

However, it is worth noting that there are still plenty of the older styled Blackjack mixed in with brand new Blackjack game variants around, and they can be quite high paying games if you know where to play them.

But at the end of the day it is always the way each individual Blackjack game has been designed that will ultimately make them a low or high house edge game, and one game that really has stood the test of time is European Blackjack.

Some game designers such as Microgaming have built a range of variants around that base game on which players can place a myriad of optional side bets, and some of those variants to look out for include the Hi Low Blackjack game, the High Streak Blackjack game and also the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game, too.

The house edge that Microgaming’s version of European Blackjack offered to players using the optimal playing strategy is 0.42% and for a game that uses two decks of playing cards that is a fairly decent house edge.

The Real Time Gaming version of that game though, comes with a slightly higher house edge which is 0.64% and if players track down and play the variant offered by the company formerly known as Wagerworks they will be playing variant offering a much lower house edge of just 0.30% if they play that game perfectly using the very best basic strategy.

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