FOBT Slot Players Expect a Drop in RTP’s in March

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Due to the UK Government deciding that FOBT game players in bookies shops across the UK are not able to control themselves, demanding by law that the maximum stake limits on the games on those gaming machines are dropped down from a maximum of £100 per game played to just £2, you can bet the bookies are going to take drastic action to keep their income rolling in form those machines.

That is likely to take the form of reduced payout percentages being offered on the slot machines and other games available on those machines, so if you do find yourself lured into your local bookies shop you need to keep that fact in mind.

The change in maximum stakes is going to take effect in April 2019, and bookmakers across Great Britain have announced a whole slew of shop closures and job losses due to the reduction in the maximum staking options.

One option, if you do enjoy playing slot machines, is to make the switch over to playing them in a bookies shops to playing them online or on a mobile device.

One of the major benefits of doing so is that you are going to find some very high RTP’s attached to online and mobile slot games, rather than the expected low ones that are going to come into effect in April of next year on the FOBT slot games.

Plus, there is of course one additional benefit of playing slots online or via a mobile casino app, and that is the bonuses and promotional offers that are going to be offered to you will be much more generous in size and value when compared to any such offers made available to you by your local betting shop operator.

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