Free Bet Blackjack at Arizona Charlie’s


It is one of the most popular casinos over on Boulder Highway, and over the years Arizona Charlie’s has become the number one choice for Blackjack and other table game players, thanks to some of the most well thought-out promotional offers.

One of their available Blackjack games is known as the Free Bet Blackjack game, on which players are able to double down their hands and also split them for free.

Whilst it is hard to imagine players not being charged to double down or split hands, that is exactly what they are going to be able to do when playing Free Bet Blackjack at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, and as I am sure plenty of players will be interested in finding out how that game plays and pays, below are a basic overview of the game play rules.

What players need to do is to tell the Dealer that they wish to double down or split their hand when they want to, and when they do a free bet coin is then placed against that player original stake.

If the player then goes onto win their double down hand or their split hands they are paid out as they normally would be, but without having paid for those two betting decisions.

The only hands that players are not permitted to split are 10 and 4 valued cards, and free re-splitting of cards is permitted, all hard 9, 10 and 11 two card hands are the ones that players can double down for free but not after splitting a hand.

Be aware that if the Dealers busts their hand with a value of 22, players hands in play are deemed to be pushes, unless a player has a Blackjack hand which are paid out before the Dealer then goes on to play off their hand.

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