Gaming Income on the Las Vegas Strip Fell by 4% in September

Vegas Strip Casinos Income Drops

If you have been to Vegas recently, and have been stung for resort fees, forced to have to pay way over the top for a bottle of beer and on top of all that been forced to pay to park your car at any of the Las Vegas Strip Casinos, then that will have left a sour taste in your mouth for sure.

The owners of the casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip however are not celebrating the fact that collectively their gaming income fell by some 4% last month, as reported by the Nevada Gaming Commissions’ September casino income report.

In fact, casinos based there are now earning more income from their additional facilities than they are from gambling, which is causing some of them concern for the future and something that is leading many of them to invest heavily in non-gambling related facilities and services.

However, its not all doom and gloom for Nevada, for the state did show an increase in income as a whole, and that does lead me to believe that savvy punters are avoiding the Las Vegas Strip when staying there and gambling and instead are visiting off-Strip casinos where there is value to be had, and gamblers are not forced to pay ridiculous fees and charges for things such as parking and resort fees!

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas in the very near future, then consider looking for somewhere to stay and gamble that is located away from the Strip, for unless you are happy to pay over the top for everything, then you will find some amazing deals and offers available to you when you do so.

Eventually though I do feel that one Strip based casino may finally cotton onto the fact that visitors are not simply cash cows, and may get rid of the resort fees for a start, for I guarantee that if a Strip casino did abolish their resort fees they would have a 100% occupancy in their hotels!

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