Gaming Innovation Group Hit With $25k Fine for Geolocation Failure

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To be able to legally gamble online in New Jersey, you must be old enough to gamble but also need to be located somewhere within the state boundaries of New Jersey too.

If you are based in any other US State then you will be allowed to gamble only at gambling sites that have been licensed by the state you are based in, if of course it is legal to do so, and cannot gamble across state borders.

To ensure that sports bettors are unable to gamble at sites located outside their states boundaries, all licensed betting sites have some form of geolocation technology in place on their online gambling platforms, that are going to block access to that platform if its detects any users are not within the state boundaries of wherever it is the sportsbook is licensed and based.

However, that technology recently failed for a company called Gaming Innovations Group, who are partnered with Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino, and operates their online betting platform.

It appears that one customer of that betting site was able to change his location using his browser code and gave the impression that he was in New Jersey when in fact he was over in Nevada.

It was only on a recent inspection of their geolocation technology that the flaw in the system was noticed and then patched, however that failure in their technology meant that the Division of Gaming Enforcement had no option but to fine them for allowing out of state gambling on their platform, and that led to the Gaming Innovation Group being hit win a $25,000 fine, and considering the customer in Nevada only placed a $29 bet on their platform, is a huge fine in comparison.

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