Gateway Casino and Entertainment Submit Plans for a New Casino

Architectural project

Gateway Casino and Entertainment are a huge company, in fact they are the biggest private casino operator in Canada, and they are currently eager to expand their operation and increase the number of casinos they operate throughout Canada.

They have just submitted a proposal to build and then open another brand new land based casino, this time it is over on Wonderland Road in London, Canada that they are hoping to be given approval to build and then to go on to open, and if so they plan on branding that casino as the Starlight Casino.

Whether or not they will be given the green-light remains to be seen, however they have stated that by opening that casino they will be able to create some 700 jobs, and by Canadian standards it will certainly be a huge venue.

With $75million having been set aside by Gateway Casino and Entertainment to make that new casino a reality, it is expected to have a huge 9,290 square metre footprint and the gaming floor will hold and operate some 40 table games and some 900 slot machines.

To ensure customers have a first-class experience when visiting that casino, they plan on having live music and many restaurants inside the property too.

The proposal will be before the local council in the summer, and if they are given full approval it is expected that work will commence in or around September of this year.

With plenty of jobs on offer, it does look like the proposal will not be met with too much resistance when it goes before the council, and most residents have no objections whatsoever regarding the location of the casino either.

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