Grand Villa Casino Left Vulnerable to Casino Fraudsters


If there is one thing that and land based casinos must ensure they adhere to, it is a set of security protocols on all of their table games. However, they must also ensure that as soon as each deck of playing cards is removed from play they are then disposed of correctly.

There are many ways a casino will dispose of their used playing cards, some casinos will clip the end of each card and may then give away those decks to players if they want them, and some casinos will employ third party companies who are tasked with clipping or punching each card and then disposing of them by shredding them.

That is what is supposed to happen at the Grand Villa Casino over in Burnaby. However, pictures have just been discovered of a dumpster full of their playing cards which hadn’t been punched nor shredded.

That has led to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation launching an urgent investigation as to just what went wrong, for security personnel at the casino had seen the playing cards in question being loaded into a shedding machine attached to the waste disposal lorry that regularly picks up those playing cards.

It appears, according to the company tasked with picking up and shredding those playing cards, that being Shred Wise, the shredding machine malfunctioned which then led to the playing cards being placed in dumpsters.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if casino cheats had got hold of those playing cards they could have easily put them back into live play at the casinos gaming tables, and that is not as farfetched as it may sound, as many casinos have been victim to such a fraud in the past.

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