Greater Boston Gaming Career Institute Opens in Charlestown

Encore Boston Harbor Casino

The Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Resort is fast approaching completion with just the final few finishing touches needed. However, there are still a couple of somewhat major hurdles the owners of the venue need to negotiate before it can fully open, which it is planned to do so in June of 2019.

The first is to obtain a gambling license, for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is still looking into the alleged sexual misconduct allegations of the former CEO of the company, Steve Wynn. However, it is expected that a gambling license will be forthcoming and in the not too distant future.

It’s Blackjack and Poker Dealers the casino is going to need and plenty of them too, and as such the Cambridge College and Encore have joined forces and have just opened their Bet On U program, which is aiming to train up anybody who has an interest in becoming a dealer at that soon to be opened venue.

To become a fully certified dealer will take nine weeks of intensive training, and currently a total of 165 people have signed up to the program, which costs on average $700.

However, Encore has pledged to pay the tuition fees of some 50 student Dealers who they have requested must be local residents, and they have also chosen to make those fully funded scholarships available equally to 25 men and 25 women too.

It is hoped that by the time that the new Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Resort is opened there will be enough fully trained Dealers living nearby who are going to be able to fill the expected 1,100 positions that are going to become available once the doors of that brand new land based casino finally swing open.

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