Hanover Casino to Become the Playtime Casino Hanover

Playtime Casino Hanover

It is always good to see an older casino that has been around for years being given a complete makeover, and that is something that is shortly going to be happening to one such venue in Hanover.

It has just been announced that the Hanover Casino owned and operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is to be completely remodelled, at a cost of $18million which should ensure the longevity of the venue and should secure the long term employment for its employees.

In fact, once the remodel is complete it is hoped that 70 new employees will be taken on, and as such it will be a win-win situation and one that local casino players are going to be celebrating, for the venue itself has been looking a little tired and dated recently!

The casino is also going to be increasing its footprint too, with the addition of some 3,283 square foot of floor space and that extra space is much needed, and will help house the 300 slot and video poker machines and the proposed eight gaming tables too.

Whilst the Hanover Casino as it was known was never a huge gaming venue when compared to many other land based casinos in the USA, it did and will surely continue to do after the remodelling and have a very loyal customer base, and being a casino for local people more than a destination resort those extra jobs will come in handy too.

The Playtime Casino Hanover will become a place where customers can not only gamble but also eat, for it is also going to be the home of the signature brand restaurants of the Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Company, those being the Eatery, Public House and The Buffet venues.

It is expected that the remodelling should be complete in December this year, and there is no doubt in my mind there will be an evening of events planned on its official day of operation as the new Playtime Casino Hanover!

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