Hard Rock Casino AC Beta Tests Their Sports Betting Facilities

concept of online sport bets

Having received approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement on Friday to launch their sports betting facilities, the Hard Rock Casino over in Atlantic City wasted no time in beta testing their online betting site.

It was on Saturday that it went live, and early reports indicate that everything worked seamlessly and the company is looking forward to seeing new customers sign up to their betting site and placing plenty of bets on the upcoming Superbowl.

As far as their sportsbook located inside their casino goes, that is all planned to go live in good time for the Superbowl, and as such anybody visiting the casino in the next few days should be able to place all manner of sports related bets and wagers in person over the counter.

There has been something of a mad dash recently for casinos based in Atlantic City to make live their sports betting facilities, however the Hard Rock Casino certainly took their time in doing so, for eight other casinos located there have already opened their respective sportsbooks.

For reasons unknown though, one of the major casinos, that being Caesars, have opted to not open a sportsbook within their property. However, customers are able to visit Bally’s Casino and place their bets there, which is a sister casino of Caesars. 

The main reason for the rush to open sportsbooks since doing so outside of Nevada was legalised back in May, is that there are huge amounts of cash to be made by offering betting facilities, in fact since betting was legalised in Atlantic City and the first casinos opened up their respective sportsbooks, a total of some $1.24billion has already be placed in bets.

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