Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Close

casino closed

It was back in February of last year that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was sold to Virgin Hotels, and whilst there have been no significant changes to that property since Virgin became the new owners, that is about to change.

In fact, in February of next year the casino resort is to close completely for 8 months to allow for a complete renovation to take place, and the announcement that it will close has taken many people by surprise.

For it had been proposed initially that the venue would have been kept open until as late as possible whilst renovations did take place, with it being closed for just four months. However, that has now been rescheduled and the powers that be have decided it would be much safer and much more prudent for them to shutter the venue completely for a full eight months to ensure the rebranding and refurbishment can take place.

Virgin Hotels do have some impressive plans for their newly acquired casino resort, and thanks to their airline and holiday company arm of the company, they expect to be able to fly in and arrange holidays for Vegas visitors based all over the world via their Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic brands, with tailor made packages for their customers, something no other casino resort offers.

It has been suggested that by closing the property completely they may be able to complete the remodel much faster than the expected eight months, and if they do it could reopen as early as October of 2020 as opposed to the proposed opening date of January 2021.

Virgin Las Vegas will be the name of that casino resort when it does finally reopen, but once closed it will certainly cast an eerie shadow on the Las Vegas Strip.

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