Hard Rock Sacramento at Fire Mountain Nearing Completion

cutting red ribbon

The weather hasn’t been fair to the construction workers who are building the brand new Hard Rock Sacramento Casino at Fire Mountain over the last couple of months, however they have managed to put in place the last beam on the building and as such it will soon be water-tight.

There is, of course, still plenty of work to be done on that building, but at the rate which it is being constructed the expected opening date later this year is looking like it will be on schedule and the casino should be open in the fall of 2019.

As you would expect for a casino resort of its size, a huge amount of cash has been set aside for construction costs, but it does also look like it is going to come in on budget too, with $440million having been set aside to build it and get it fully operational.

Once opened it will be the very first casino resort owned by the Hard Rock casino group and will be a welcome addition to the many other casinos they own across the US.

It isn’t the only casino in that part of the world however, and they are going to face some stiff competition once opened from other nearby casinos. Plus, the soon to be completed casino over in Elk Grove which if all goes to plan with that venue it will be opening its doors in the early part of next year.

However, potential customers of the new Hard Rock Casino do have plenty of things to look forward to once it does open for it will boast a huge gaming floor and every imaginable casino game will be on offer inside the casino.

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