Harrah’s Casino in Chester Swaps Slots for Swing Suites


Land based casinos do, of course, need to change with the times, but in a very unusual move Harrah’s Casino over in Chester have decided to remove 187 slot machines from their gaming floor and replace them with a set of golf simulators. 

That casino celebrated their 12th year of operation on Tuesday just gone and are now the sixth casino based in Pennsylvania to have their own sportsbook, too.

It appears that with the addition of that sportsbook they are hoping a new set of golf simulators are going to give their customers that enjoy playing and betting on golf something of a diversion.

An area that faces the newly opened sportsbook is currently undergoing a remodel and once completed it will be the home of three Swing Suites, which are basically pods in which groups of people are going to be able to play golf via those state of the art simulators.

In fact, it is not just golf visitors to the casino who are going to be able to play in those social pods, as other games will be on offer including baseball and football or they can be programmed to offer zombie related games, too.

The casino is of course hoping that those pods will become popular with their visitors and they will open up an additional revenue stream too, as players using them will be able to order drinks, snacks and meals whilst playing.

The loss of some 187 slot machines shouldn’t upset slot players too much, for the casino does have over 2000 slots still remaining on their huge gaming floor.

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