Harrah’s Metropolis Casino Back in Business

blue neon open sign illuminating under the dark

Good news for gamblers who enjoy playing at the Harrah’s Metropolis Casino in Southern Illinois, the casino reopened its doors again yesterday and as such they are back in business.

If you are unaware, the casino had to close its doors and put into place some urgent steps to ensure it didn’t experience any major problems due to flooding from the Ohio River, and whilst the casino itself was not affected by the rising waters, the local flooding did make accessing the venue a risk that the casino owners didn’t want their customers to take.

Fortunately, for employees of that casino, they have still been paid their wages, which the casino management thanked the parent company, Caesars Entertainment, for guaranteeing during the entire time the casino was closed.

It is something of an ongoing problem for the casino when the river does start to rise, and back in 2018 the casino once again closed as a precaution and in 2011 it had to stay closed for some 39 days in total due to the rising water in the river.

Some 450 people are employed at the Harrah’s Metropolis Casino, and as such Caesars did have to set aside some significant amounts of cash to pay them whilst the casino was closed, but the upshot of the closure of the casino was that many of the employees volunteered their services to local charities during their unscheduled and unplanned time off from work.

The casino is back in business and management hoping that all their loyal and regularly customers will show their support of that venue and return over the weekend, and the usual very warm welcome will be extended to all customers.

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