Indiana State to Discuss Relocation of Casino License

Flag of Indiana waving

Over in Indiana, USA, there are two casino licenses in the city of Gary, however due to stiff competition not only between those two casinos but also one nearby in Cincinnati, one of the Senators has introduced a bill to the Indiana State that could see one of the license holders to relocate their casino over 100 miles away.

That bill is being classed as an economic development bill, and thanks to leaders in places such as Terre Haute and also Steuben County having shown a keen interest in having a casino located there, it is looking likely that if the bill is passed one of those two places could soon have a new land based casino.

There are of course pros and cons of relating one of the casino licenses in Gary. Income should rise at the one which remains, and the newly located casino should, if all goes well, see an increase in income due to there being no nearby competition.

However, the downside of such a relocation of the gaming license being permitted is that the employment potential in the area will diminish and that would of course see jobs being created away from Gary.

At the end of the day though, it does make solid commercial sense for a casino license being allowed to be transferred many miles away from Gary, and most commentators are of the mind that the bill will be passed, clearing the way for discussions as to just where that new license will be allowed to be transferred to.

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